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Ring in the New Year with friends and an awesome themed party

Choose from TWO Vegetarian Menus and enjoy Bollywood dance or Belly dancing instruction as part of the entertainment.


7-8 friends make a party (with or without entertainment)

7 friends + dance instructor

Or 8 friends

Package $1200


Bollywood Night

Chef Chris’ Taste the World Menu (Vegetarian)


1.     Welcome Drink – cocktail, wine or non-alcoholic beverage

2.     Appetisers: Crackers with Relish Chutneys

3.     Soup: Japanese Pumpkin 

4.     Mushroom Curry 

5.     Vegan Keema

6.     Jackfruit cooked in cold-pressed coconut cream

7.     Shakshouka (Moroccan tomato-based dish) 

8.     Creamy Brinjal 

9.     Mango Dal

10.  Cashew Fried Rice 

11.  Dessert: Relish Flourless Chocolate Cake 


Entertainment: Bollywood Dance


Moroccan Night

Chef Chris’ Relish Moroccan Flavours (Vegetarian)

1.     Welcome Drink – cocktail, wine or non-alcoholic beverage

  1. Za’atar Carrot Soup

  2. Asparagus Tabbouleh 

  3. Kibbeh served with Hummus

  4. Zaalouk (Traditional eggplant dish)

  5. Vegetable Tagine 

  6. Hashweh (stuffed rice) 

  7. Vegan Spiced Chickpeas with Harissa 

  8. Paprika and mince curry (Middle eastern)

  9. Strawberries served with Sugee Cake


Entertainment: Bellydancing


If you prefer a curated “Taste the World” menu with Meat Dishes let us know!

You’re welcome to bring your favourite drinks too.