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Christmas @Relish.Sg
Party of 5 @$750

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Maximum party size 5 Pax




Brandied Meatballs
Relish.Sg’s signature Christmas canapé with minced lamb, chicken, a touch of
tuna and Christmassy spices, fresh thyme and sage, then flambeed in brandy, add
a dollop of delicious Moroccan tangy sauce and relish.


Duck with Ginger and Cranberry
Cleverly seasoned, the odiferous flesh is transformed into a piquant and umami-
laden delight that will have you hankering for more.


Christmas Pumpkin Soup or Prawn and Fennel Bisque



1.Coffee Rubbed Lamb
Succulent lamb dry rubbed with the finest ground coffee and slow roasted to
tender perfection.
Rendang Shepherd’s Pie
East meets West in this favourite from both sides of the world.


2. Slow-roasted Vegetables or Pomegranate Salad


3. Orange Glazed Turkey Breast


4. Pasta Milanese
Not Milan but New Orleans that originated with the Sicilian immigrants.
Confused? Come try it. We guarantee that it’s unlike any pasta dish you've
tasted before.


5. Hummus and Ham with Cherries and Port




Christmas Pudding

We can also customise a menu to suit your preferences and dietary requirements.

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