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Relish Chef for Hire

Bring the Party Home

Sit back and relax. Enjoy a curated dinner party in your own home.

Chef Chris and Rose will go to yours and prepare a six-course meal plus

appetizers, soup and dessert.

Price: From SGD 290 per pax (Minimum 2 Pax)

Please enquire

Whatsapp 97931821 for more information


Premium Ingredients

We take pride in what we do. Only the freshest, premium ingredients are used. Wherever possible, we use organic.

The preparation of our sauces and curries require lengthy and detailed processes. The final result of hours-long preparation will be meticulously assembled in your home for your dining pleasure.

The Experience

At Relish, food is about the Experience. Your food journey is a taste adventure. Our courses are derived only from unique and difficult to prepare recipes with unique taste profiles. We share stories on the cuisine with each course while you enjoy your own space, made extra special with us taking care of you. 

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