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The Hosts


Chef Chris Choo and Dr. Rose Sivam began Relish.Sg to design experiential cultural

events and share their love for cooking, the arts and entertaining.


Chef Chris - historian-musician-culinary arts extraordinare, and award-winning TV Producer, Rose entertain guests with a sumptuous “Taste the World” menu - family recipes and international cuisine, amidst antiques and museum-quality art, while Chef Chris shares cultural insights on their collection in this unique Singapore home.


Get up close to a 2000-year-old Buddha bust, discover a "guri guri", turn the pages of a real spell book! Chef Chris and Rose also host dinners for guests who may not have a chance to attend a party in an initiative called “My Home Your Home” which Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat commended as a wonderful way to promote a caring Singapore. Themed parties with world-class entertainment, intimate cultural cooking classes and immersive dinners – a cool way to relish life! 

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