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Sat, 20 Jul



Relish Spice Route Gastronomia

10 Outstanding Dishes with Performances by Sangeetha & Sharda

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Relish Spice Route Gastronomia
Relish Spice Route Gastronomia

Time & Location

20 Jul 2019, 7:00 pm

Relish , 116 Serangoon North Ave 1, #04-513, Singapore 550116


About the event

Relish Spice Route Gastronomia

Fancy that! Globalisation began with the pursuit of a favourful dinner.  Spices ruled the world then and now at the Relish.Sg dinner table this July when we celebrate with “Relish Spice Route Gastronomia!”. Feast on dishes from Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the region. Inspired by what empires fought over as early as 2000 BC, Chef Chris has pulled out old family recipes and gone into zen mode to channel and curate an amazing dinner to tantalize and satisfy your cravings and even introduce you to something old, something new and all delicious. Nutmeg, Cloves, Turmeric, Cardamon, Pepper, Paprika, Cinnamon, Saffron, we adore you! Because of the spice trade, we get to eat through the route, some of the most delicious cuisine of our time. 


Let Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai & Sharda Harrison regale you with stories of the oceans and maritime pursuits as you eat your way through from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Meet Vasco de Gama and Columbus and laugh, dance and jam with them!


1. Carne de Porco à Alentejana – Braised Pork with Clams (Portugal)

A traditional pork and clams stew - an amazing combination made more amazing with potatoes and Massa de Pimentão (somewhat salty and bell peppery, not at all hot, but very rich and flavorful!). 

Hero Spices: Smoked Paprika and Cumin

2. Caril de Camarao – Shrimp Curry (Macau)

Based on Portuguese cuisine with spices and ingredients from Africa, South East Asia and India, a delicious curry that is a wonderful potpourri of tastes and aromas, which makes Macanese cuisine so unique. 

Hero Spices: Saffron, Cumin and Paprika

3. Gehakt Ballen or Dutch Meatball (The Netherlands)

A Classic Dutch delight where the meatballs are cooked in a flavourful broth, tomatoes stirred in and slowly simmered in an onion soup until tender and moist. Served with au jus and kicap manis (for that tangy Indonesian twist)

Hero spices: Nutmeg, Cloves, Ground Mace and Black Peppercorns

4. Aunty Isabelle’s Ayam Buah Keluak - Nonya Braised Chicken in a Black Nut Stew (The Straits – Malacca)

Also known as the Asian truffle, it’s all about the nut, “buah keluak” – dug out, fermented, soaked, cooked, with the meat in the nut dug out and sauteed with aromatics and stuffed back in. Synonymous with Peranakan culture, where preparation for this dish is laborious and thus hard to come by, a true delicacy and so delicious when Aunty Isabelle makes it! Sweet, spicy and sour all at once, this iconic dish is to die for. 

Hero Spice: Candlenut

5. Lamb Rendang Tok (Kelantan, Malaysia)

One of the 5 national dishes of Indonesia, this particular rendang dish hails from Kelantan. Cooked usually during festive times and to honour royalty, lamb rendang tok is the dry version of rendang, where the toasted grated coconut mixed with lemongrass and turmeric leaves makes this a very special dish. It is the ultimate meat dish that celebrates all the spices in South East Asia!

Hero Spice: Turmeric

6. Rogen Josh – Dry lamb Curry (India)

Rogen Josh hails from Kashmir, introduced to them by the Mughals whose cuisine is influenced by the Persians. With a touch of ghee and josh (“passion” in Hindi- fiery or hot!) this dish is all about cooking in intense heat. The aromatics range from pimento to spice extracts of Turmeric, Cumin and more. Cooked in yoghurt, our Rogen Josh is rich in flavor, yet for all the spice that goes into it, not very spicy or fiery hot. Simply delicious. 

Hero Spices: Garam Masala, Fenugreek, Cumin, Cardamom, Turmeric

7. Aunty Pam’s Cabbage Roll Stew (Singapore – Eurasian)

A flavourful Eurasian dish with minced meat and spam cooked and rolled into a sweet cabbage roll and dipped into a delicious clear soup. 

Hero Spice: Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves

8. Chef Chris’s Duck and Pineapple (China)

Chef Chris’s master stock has been brewing for a loooooong time with different meats slowly braised in it together with soya sauce, shao xing wine, ginger, dried mandarin, star-anise, cinnamon and more.. lots more “secret ingredients”. These flavours intermingle and permeate the duck to make this unique duck and pineapple dish (auspicious too, we make it usually during Chinese New Year!). Yes duck and pineapple as a mix is soooooo good. 

Hero Spice: All-spice: Star Anise, Cloves, Cassia, Sichuan Pepper, Fennel. 

9. Pomegranate and Nutmeg Salad (Relish.Sg creation)

A colourful Relish.Sg signature with arugula, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, pomegranate and feta cheese topped with sliced nutmeg fruit with a twist of lemon. 

Hero Spice: Nutmeg and Peppercorns

10. Arroz Con Bacalao – Rice with Cod Fish (Macau)

An iconic Macanese dish with Portuguese influence that’s cooked with basmati rice, Portuguese sausage, chourico and salted cod. Comfort food at its best!

Hero Spice: Turmeric

Sharda Harrison has acted for a range of local theatre companies - Wild Rice, Cake Theatrical Productions, The Necessary Stage, TheatreWorks and the Singapore Repertory Theatre.  Sharda runs her own theatre and education company, Pink Gajah Theatre which, she founded in 2013. Her most recent work ‘Hayat’ was commissioned by the M1 Fringe Festival 2018, ‘Lets Walk’. Sharda has performed internationally as an independent artist in Adelaide, Croatia, Indonesia and Malaysia and in Perth and has toured her company work, Temuan (the meeting) at the Perth Fringe Festival. She has been nominated numerous times as best supporting actress at the life! Theatre awards and is part of the winning ensemble of Wild Rice’s ‘Hotel’. Sharda Harrison appears on television for the current affairs television show, 'Talking Point'. She is also currently pursuing her Masters degree in Arts and Pedagogy Practise at Lasalle College Of The Arts.

Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai is an actor, singer and voiceover artist. She has worked on numerous plays with a host of theatre companies including W!ld Rice (Boeing Boeing), CAKE (Koko the Great), RDG (Mother Goddess), and Buds Theatre Company. Her recent theatre credits include Tan Kheng Hua’s The Page on Stage, SIFA’s Verses of Love & Life, and Building A Character at the 2018 W!ld Rice STF. Acting is an incredible gift, and she feels blessed to make this dream her career. She does - with the exception of a gnarly earthquake or the rapture - see herself doing this till the day she croaks.  Her recent show at the Esplanade, Sangeetha Sings Sinatra truly wowed! She trained with Buds Theatre company, and studied at NAFA and LASALLE.


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